KCET has received a $1 million grant from the Ahmanson Foundation to help with its transition from PBS affiliate to indie pubcaster.

KCET rocked the pubcasting world earlier this month in announcing its intent to pull out of the PBS affil ranks at year’s end after 40 years as a flagship West Coast outlet for PBS. Many have raised questions about whether KCET can survive on its own without marquee PBS fare such as “Sesame Street,” “Masterpiece Theater,” “Frontline” and “Antiques Roadshow.”

Ahmanson has long been one of KCET’s most generous supporters and a key underwriter of its homegrown productions, including news program “SoCal Connected.”

KCET prexy Al Jerome said the Ahmanson coin would help the station attain its goal of becoming “a model for independent public media in the 21st century.”