‘Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty’ searches for sincerity

“Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty,” premiering on VH1 on March 14, strives to go as far from the tabloid realm as it can. With segments shot around the globe, the skein explores both the healing and destructive powers of beauty, from surgery to repair a girl’s cleft palate in India to crazy diet fads.

At times there’s a clash in styles. In the clip that was shown, I couldn’t help but find it a little odd that Simpson is wearing lots of jewelry and makeup while donning scrubs during the Indian girl’s surgery, especially when the scrubs themselves seemed something of an affectation. Maybe it was too far out of context to fairly judge. In any case, there’s no doubt the show’s heart is in the right place – both in terms of trying to make others feel better and in terms of making its host feel better.

“Outwardly, beauty is a very easy thing to become obsessed with in our society,” Simpson said today at the show’s Television Critics Assn. panel in Pasadena. “The pressures that are put on women today – shapes, sizes – it changed me completely, because I haven’t always had an inner confidence. I haven’t always looked at my reflection and loved it. There has always been something that I’ve wanted to fix, because there is always something that looks better.

“The journey really was finding something beautiful inside of me and that I own it. It was a very powerful journey. If you watch the show, you will definitely see my life change.”

When asked if the show changed her life enough that she would be able to remove herself from the public spotlight, Simpson somewhat sadly asked, “How?”

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