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“Simple, pure, like the man himself,” Conan says in this video.

Vulture, which got the skinny first, has more details:

O’Brien and team pretty much settled on this name weeks ago, but like so many things in Hollywood, choosing a name isn’t always simple. You have to clear the title legally, to make sure nobody else has the rights to it, and that’s even true when the name is your own. For the last few weeks, O’Brien’s army of lawyers and TBS have been doing their due diligence making sure it’s okay to use “Conan” as the show’s title. One stumbling block could have been the Conan the Barbarian franchise, which has included comics, books, films and, in 1997, a short-lived TV series called Conan. But now, it’s clear that all issues have been worked out.

“Conan” was one of the choices in our “What’s Conan Gonna Name His Talk Show” poll from yesterday — but it actually came in dead last, even below, um, “Cougar Town”! Oops. You guys are really bad at this stuff.

Here’s how our poll ended up:

Picture 10