I try to avoid Twitter around 6 p.m. PT on Tuesdays, in order to steer clear of “Lost” spoilers from eager East Coast Tweeps. But tonight, with the Tweet Deck still on, I couldn’t help but notice the increasing anger from “Lost” viewers, as an on-screen clock counted down the minutes until the return of “V.”

That’s not a new marketing tool — Broadcast and cable nets have been known to stick a clock on-screen before a highly-anticipated season premiere or finale. (Whether or not the spring return of “V” qualifies as such is a separate topic.)

But this is “Lost.” The final season of “Lost.” It’s sacred ground. You don’t clutter the screen during one of the show’s final, pivotal episodes. Or you piss people off:


ADD: Fancast’s Matt Mitovich adds: “You should add in that it obstructed Sun’s note pad/what she wrote to Jack in their final scene.” He snapped this shot:


“I don’t trust…” WHO, SUN? WHO? She doesn’t trust the Vs? Or — SHE DOESN’T TRUST ABC! What? (Our pal JustJenn finds photographic evidence that maybe Sun was actually trying to share V’s big secret!)

I don’t know how this all fits in, as I’m saving myself for the West Coast airing. But it will be interesting to see whether ABC scraps the clock between time zones.

UPDATE: It’s still there for West Coast viewers. And “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof isn’t too happy about it. He Tweets:

Yes, people, I saw it too. :34 minutes until I
cry myself to sleep.

And BTW… Lindelof earlier Tweeted: “In one week, the conversation is going to change.” WHOA. Again, I have no idea what that means. But I’m pretty damn excited about the very thought of my mind being blown. Sheesh. I’m gonna miss this show.