If Fox Networks Group entertainment topper Peter Rice could illustrate his week, it would look a lot like this:

“It’s like the famous drawing of two actors — one crying and one smiling,” Rice said of Fox’s returns.

He’s referring, of course, to the horrific Monday night performance of “Lone Star,” followed by the fantastic Tuesday night return of “Glee.”

Like most involved with the critically acclaimed but little-seen “Lone Star,” Rice said his reaction to the show’s debut ratings was “disappointment.” But he wasn’t willing to throw the towel in yet, having opted to give the show at least one more try next Monday.

“We really like the shows, and the people involved are fantastically talented,” he said. 

Rice also declined to play the blame game, arguing that the show was simply hit hard by “an incredibly crowded night of television.”

“Frankly, that’s the business we’ve all chosen to be in,” he said. “You never know how you’re going to do. I couldn’t be sadder.”

Rice was more upbeat over the opening night number for “Raising Hope,” which has also garnered much support from crix.

“That’s going to be a hit show,” he said.