Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are going to Inglewood, Calif., dawg.

Fox will finally unveil the Aerosmith frontman and the pop diva as “American Idol’s” judges on Wednesday.

Fox didn’t exactly confirm Tyler and Lopez, but unless something dramatic happens in the next few days, that’s the duo who will be sitting next to Randy Jackson at the Forum, where the show’s judging panel will be officially announced.

Given the crush of interest surrounding the judges pick, Fox took the unusual step of pre-announcing the announcement. Network opted to time the Tyler/Lopez reveal to Wednesday’s Los Angeles “Idol” auditions, which had already been set up at the Forum, located in Inglewood.

Insiders said there was no master plan to announce the judges panel there, but as negotiations dragged on and the clock kept ticking, the timing wound up making sense. Fox and producers 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia had originally planned to announce Tyler and Lopez weeks ago, but sticky deal points had to be resolved first.

Much of the duo’s “Idol” pacts has already been leaked to the press — including Lopez’s reported $12 million payday. (Some sort of development component is also believed to be attached.)

It’s also been widely reported that music industry exec Jimmy Iovine will have a role on the refurbished “Idol.” Host Ryan Seacrest is still in.