James Cameron presented the Stars Award to Jim Gianopulos at the Fulfillment Fund’s Stars Benefit Gala, and the helmer just couldn’t help but note the large number of Fox employees at the Beverly Hilton.

“I just want to thank you all for coming to support Jim, like you had a choice,” Cameron joked.

The man of the hour was also in a jocular mood. Gianopulos thanked his wife and three daughters, two of whom couldn’t be there because “their bedtime precluded their attendance tonight,” the Fox topper said, “and I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that the cast of ‘Glee’ was performing. I told them we’re having the panel from ‘Meet the Press.’ ”

Gianopulos added that the folks at the fund, which provides classroom counseling and scholarships, “decided they needed some eye candy for the press and it came down to me and John Stamos. That’s how I got the call and he got stuck being the emcee.” – — Alexa Harrison