I gotta hand it to the “FlashForward” fans — this could be the most unique “Save our Show” campaign yet. Or at least, the goofiest. (Which in my book automatically makes it the best.)

Sure, the “FlashForward” fans are going the old “send some sort of trinket en masse to network executives” route (much like “Jericho” fans sent peanuts to CBS) — shipping 20,000 friendship bracelets to ABC Entertainment chairman Steve McPherson (who I’m sure is passing them out to his BFFs as we speak).

But that’s not the big gesture they’re planning. In the spirit of “FlashForward’s” central premise, fans of the show will gather in front of ABC network and affilate offices in New York, L.A., Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta on June 10 and stage a blackout of their own.

That’s right.

For two minutes and 17 seconds, fans of the show are going to pretend to be passed out in front of ABC offices.

Just like the two minute and 17 second blackouts on “FlashForward.”

OK, “FlashForward” fans, points for you. While “Everwood” fans simply hired a Ferris Wheel and stuck it in front of the WB’s HQ, you’re actually going to PLAY DEAD for a full two minutes and 17 seconds in front of ABC. 

It’s not going to bring “FlashForward” back. But it’s going to make for a pretty interesting morning over at ABC HQ in Burbank. (Or Glendale, if folks show up at KABC/Channel 7 instead). Check out the Facebook page for “Save FlashForward” here, and the website here.