Sure, the TV business lives in the 18-49 world, but these stats from CBS are still impressive nonetheless.Goodwife

Eye dominated the scripted week ending March 7, having the top 10 shows (live plus same day) in total viewers. CBS has always touted their broad audience — more so than than advertising world might care about — but it says a lot about the network’s execs who always seem to have a pulse of what viewers want to see.

Having proven itself over the last few years it can successfully launch shows both on the drama side with “The Mentalist” and “The Good Wife,” as well as comedy’s “The Big Bang Theory,” CBS’ recent fall performances are an indication that consistency is always better than panicky programming.

1. NCIS  19.62m

2. TWO AND A HALF MEN 16.86m


4. CSI   15.59m

5. THE MENTALIST   14.87m

6. NCIS: LOS ANGELES    14.84m

7. THE GOOD WIFE   13.32m

8. CRIMINAL MINDS    13.00m

9. CSI: NY   12.35m

10. CSI: MIAMI   12.07m