At least one guest to the Comedy Central afterparty had an enlightened self-interest in the day’s nominees.

“I wanted Jon Hamm to win best actor,” joked Jeff Ross, host of Comedy Central’s celeb roasts and one of Hamm’s poker buddies. “He wins a few awards, he’ll make some money, he’ll pay me back.”

Guests at Sunday’s celebration, including Stephen Colbert, Rob Riggle and Doug Benson, feted Comedy Central wins for “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” at the Colony in Los Angeles. “Daily” correspondent John Oliver, fresh off the series’ eighth consecutive Emmy win, noted that no pre-Emmy jitters could top the terrors of live comedy. “The most pressure you can feel is when you’re standing in front of, like, 18 drunk people at a stand-up club,” he revealed.

Benson, who enjoyed the awards “old school” on a TV and not through live-blogging, poked fun at all the multimedia coverage: “It’s a good thing Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter followers didn’t write all the jokes!” –