Disney, TW talks continue

Programming remains on air Thursday

Walt Disney’s programming remained on the air over Time Warner Cable systems Thursday morning as both companies continued to negotiate a carriage deal well past the midnight deadline. The two sides so far have opted to keep working toward resolution rather than set an official extension.

The contract covers four ABC O&Os, ESPN, Disney Channel and other Mouse cablers.

Disney and TWC had been battling publicly over the prospect of Disney channels being yanked from Time Warner Cable systems if a new deal could not be reached. But in recent days both sides have tamped down the rhetoric, and both have said that progress is being made at the negotiating table.

Although the negotiations involve multiple channels, a key issue for the Mouse is squeezing significant retransmission consent coin from Time Warner for the four ABC O&Os, including WABC New York and KABC Los Angeles. Disney is believed to be seeking north of 50¢ per subscriber per month for each station.

Reps for both sides declined comment Thursday morning.