Rogue assassin Nikita may have found her toughest adversary yet: the folks who approve billboards around the country.

The CW’s provocative campaign for “Nikita,” featuring star Maggie Q in various outfits (and brandishing all sorts of weaponry), has met with resistance in several major markets.

L.A. shopping center the Grove, for example, turned down the ad featuring Maggie Q seated and wearing a leather outfit. Locales in Chicago and New York also passed on the image.

In those cases, outlets including the Grove were fine with a replacement ad featuring the actress in a long red dress and brandishing a machine gun.

But even that replacement ad triggered some concerns. In Culver City, the machine gun ad wasn’t welcome, particularly on billboards facing the 405 Freeway. In other parts of Los Angeles, the ad of “Nikita” in the chair was approved — except on billboards located near schools and churches.

In Santa Monica, the newly reopened Santa Monica Place Mall initially turned down the “Nikita” ads — but relented after discovering that shopping centers in other locales had given the greenlight.

The CW is no stranger to generating buzz via provocative campaigns — its “OMFG” ads for “Gossip Girl” earned the ire of several advocacy groups.

“Of course, we’ve been down this road a few times with some of our campaigns. We know it’s always smart to come prepared to have different options ready to offer our different constituents,” said CW marketing topper Rick Haskins.