Every day at Variety, Team TV gets episode screeners, which those of us who aren’t hired to be Brian Lowry typically put aside, voluntarily or not, until after hours.

This morning, however, when the second-season premiere of “Community” arrived from NBC, I couldn’t resist taking advantage of a brief lull in an otherwise busy day (trust me, I’ll be making up for it) to pop the disc in.

And I’m here to tell you, it sings. Picking up right where the great run of episodes at the end of its freshman year left off, the premiere hits all the right notes: funny, clever, meaningful, subversive. Showrunner Dan Harmon and friends clearly have mastered what makes “Community” click, and sophomore year looks it’s going to be a great ride.

As an aside, at a time when we’re amazingly come to a place in time where Betty White is so at risk of overexposure, her appearance in the premiere doesn’t feel like a tired gimmick, but rather a fine use of talent to bring to life a guest character.