Colombia’s long-awaited third channel remains in limbo as the country’s state council determines how to deal with demands for more competitive bids.

On June 23, Spanish media giant Grupo Planeta became the sole bidder after two others withdrew, citing a lack of transparency in the process.

Attorney General María Eugenia Carreno declared the day before that she would allow for a single bidder.

The deadline had been pushed back several times before that.

After accepting Planeta’s bid, national TV regulator CNTV planned to award the new license on July 27 but a slew of appeals against a sole bidder scuppered those plans.

It’s now up to the highest court of the land, which has yet to pronounce its decision.

The other two bidders, Spanish media conglom Prisa and Venezuelan media giant Cisneros, have declined to say whether they will resubmit their bids.

Meanwhile, the 12-year-old duopoly of Caracol and RCN continues.