Chatting up India is an ‘Outsourced’ strategy

Want to chat with the employees of the “Outsourced” call center?Outsourced_nbc

Looking to promote its new Thursday night comedy, NBC — along with Jetset Studios and Telefon Projekt — have created a virtual call center where video chat technology allows users to have conversations with the characters played by Rizwan Manji, Parvesh Cheena and Ben Rappaport in the Peacock sitcom.

Laffer, about the inner-workings of a call center based in India that sells tchotchkes for the fictional Mid America Novelties company, will launch Sept. 23 at 9:30, tucked between “The Office” and “The Apprentice.”

Those who want to engage in the application need to go to www.midamericanovelties.com. Once entering their phone number, users will immediately receive a call back from Mid American Novelties and can have a chat about what they’d like to buy.

In a crowded premiere week in which competition among the new shows will be fierce, networks are using any and all marketing techniques to break through the clutter.