All right Disney, time to top this one: Perhaps free tix for Cablevision subscribers to see “Alice in Wonderland”?

As things remain ugly in the Great Retransmission War of Twenty Ten, Cablevision is hoping to keep its movie fan subscribers at bay, offering up free VOD movies all day.

According to Mediaite, that includes “The Hurt Locker” and “District 9.” Of course, it also includes the direct-to-video title “American Pie: The Book of Love.” But if you’re ordering that, clearly you actually hate movies and were not going to watch the Academy Awards anyway.

Other movies available include “Up.” Cablevision said it has also enlisted former New York Post reporter Paula Froelich to liveblog the Oscars.

(Photo from the Twitter account of my old Electronic Media colleague Steve Donohue, who’s a Cablevision subscriber.)