Cable upfronts: WeTV to feature brawling Riverses; kinder, gentler “Bridezillas”


Great news – you’re fired! “Downsized” is the latest show to capitalize on the US’s national lack of capital, and one of WeTV’s new unscripted series announced at their upfront this afternoon. They’ve been touting “Golden Girls”-meets-“Jersey Shore” skein “Sunset Days” as the net’s big get, but execs say that they’ve seen the most ad buyer response to “Downsized,” which follows a family newly short on cash on its quest to become “the cheapest family in America.”

Weinstein Company escapee John Miller is the net’s new programming exec, and between digs at his old boss the SVP touted new programming including mother-daughter reality show “Mother Knows Best,” about Joan and Melissa Rivers; new wedding dress show “Girl Meets Gown;” and the next season of “Bridezillas.”

“It’s not that the shows were bad,” Miller said. “It’s just that they needed a little sprucing up.

“If ‘Bridezillas’ came thorugh the door today I’d buy it, but I’d develop it so that there were three-dimensional characters and not just a flat line of crazy maniacs. We’ve still got the conflict, but now we’ll see people saying, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I acted that way.’ You won’t feel like you need to take a shower after watching it.”

Miller was also bullish on “Sunset,” which is set in a Sun City, Ariz. retirement community. “We don’t quite have a 70-year-old Snooki or The Situation yet,” he said.