Big-love-zabriskie26 While watching Grace Zabriskie (Lois Henrickson) own every one of her scenes during another installment of “Big Love” Sunday — reconfirming herself as one of the most distinctive mothers on television today — I started thinking about another memorable motherly role of hers, as the mother of George Costanza’s fiancee Susan on “Seinfeld.”

How amazing would it have been if Susan had turned out to be part of the Henrickson clan, and George found himself in the thick of the polygamist hijinx?

Grace laughing Think of the fun if the cherished cabin had been at Juniper Creek. If Bruce Dern’s Frank (the same name as George’s father) had been carrying a secret relationship with John Cheever. If George had tried to steal back a marble rye from Hollis Greene.

Next to the idea of Ben Linus: High School Teacher, a Costanza-Henrickson crossover is my leading pitch for a spinoff series. It would be huge, Jerry — huge!