It’s a Betty White world.

Betty White wants to host “Saturday Night Live”? Done. Betty White wants Health Care Reform passed? Obama’s working on it. Betty White wants to star in a sitcom with Cheech Marin? “Golden Palace.”

Betty White hired as a guest star in TV Land’s new series, “Hot in Cleveland”? Not good enough, TV Land. Let’s try that again.

Betty White hired to STAR in TV Land’s new series, “Hot in Cleveland.” Better.

You can live, TV Land president Larry W. Jones.


Betty White will take on the role of the snarky but lovable Elka Ostrovsky, property
caretaker of the home that co-stars – Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie
Malick – rent after their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland and they
decide to stay. “Hot in Cleveland” is written by Suzanne
Martin (“Frasier,” “Ellen”) and is produced by Sean Hayes
(“Will & Grace”) and Todd Milliner of Hazy Mills

“Hot in Cleveland,” a TV Land PRIME original production, has been picked up for ten episodes and is the network’s first venture into
scripted comedy series.

“The talented Betty White is the finishing touch to this
outstanding sitcom ensemble,” states Larry W. Jones, president, TV Land.
“Betty’s illustrious career spans more than 60 years and makes her one of
Hollywood’s most iconic and sought after actresses in television today.  Her
lively role as Elka in “Hot in Cleveland” is what viewers love to see from her –
an amazing sense of timing and fantastic comedy genius.  We are confident
audiences will love her in this project, TV Land’s first foray into scripted

In return, the Betty White-loving Internet now forgives TV Land for “The Cougar.”