OMG, u guyz. I totally <3 BiEBeR!!!! LOLZZZZ!!!!

(Psst… OK, have the tweenyboppers left the room? Good. Let’s discuss.)

Pop culture circa March 2010 has a new leader. He’s 16. And he’s from Canada. His name is Justin Bieber. And if you’re on Twitter, you can’t escape him.

This Bieber phenomenon has been brewing for nearly a year — the kid even sang the opening verse to the recent, ill-advised “We Are The World” remake. But seriously, how did we let this suddenly become a Justin Bieber nation? Even Conan O’Brien is obsessed: his last five Tweets have been all Bieber-centric:


And America’s cougar population apparently digs him as well — at least, I assume that’s who’s making “Justin Bieber shirt off” among the musician’s leading Google searches (people, HE’S 16. STOP.)


David Letterman wants a piece of Bieber: The teen heartthrob is on “Late Show with David Letterman” tonight, leading to this attempt by CBS to grab a slice of Bieber’s Twitter audience:


And MTV is suddenly into music again, now that Bieber Fever is in full swing:

MTV will pull out all the stops on March 23 to celebrate the release of platinum selling pop sensation, Justin Bieber’s sophomore album, "My World 2.0." Viewers and fans alike, can tune in to special Justin Bieber programming featuring a never before seen exclusive acoustic performance on MTV.com and a new episode of “Diary.” Since the beginning of his career, Bieber has been a staple on MTV with appearances on “Discover and Download,” “Artist of the Week,” “mtvU VMAs Tour,” “The 2009 VMAs,” and a gut busting appearance on the game show “Silent Library.”

On Tuesday, March 16, Bieber treated a few of his major fans to exclusive live acoustic performances of some of his biggest hits. Known for being a skilled in his vocalist, musician (he can play a mean guitar and can beat the drums like nobody’s business) and song-writing skills (he co-wrote all the songs on My World 2.0) Bieber surprised fans with stripped down versions of songs including – the first single of his upcoming album -"Baby.” He also performed ''Never Let You Go," “That Should Be Me," "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl."

MTV will feature Justin Bieber in a new episode of its critically acclaimed docu-series “Diary,” as it hits the road with Justin to give his fans a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be one of today’s fastest rising stars. The singer allowed MTV cameras access to his every move as he traveled to Paris and New York to meet the press, greet his fans and promote his upcoming album My World 2.0 – while still trying to stay a normal 16-year old teenager. “Diary” featuring Justin Bieber will air on Sunday, March 28 at 7:30pm ET.

Bieber’s handlers have smartly torn pages from the teen heartthrob playbook: Non-threatening, yet slightly suggestive marketing (which would explain this disturbing album cover, below).

What the hell?