Picture 8
Legally, there’s no such thing as a live online Oscar stream. That’s why ABC is using the kudocast to up the ante with Cablevision over retrans rights.

But with WABC blacked out in 3 million New York-area Cablevision homes, movie fans are going to be hunting desperately online to find a feed.

And this being the Internet, illegal streams will likely be found. How long they stay up — and how aggressive ABC and the motion picture academy work to take them down — will be interesting to watch.

Here’s one site boasting 15 links to live streaming of the Academy Awards. But I already see plenty of bogus links here: Several tout the Associated Press’ live streaming of the Oscars.

I’d say the AP is a little too legit an organization to actually be breaking major copyright laws. Those links may point to Red Carpet coverage — but there’s no way AP is actually streaming the show.

Now, whether or not some webgeek (or a hundred) decide to plop their webcam in front of a TV screen and feed it out to the world — that’s another question.