Independent TV shingle A. Smith & Co. Prods. is moving into the personal management field with the acquisition of the Braverman/Bloom Co.

“We were looking at where their company was going and where we were going,” said Arthur Smith, who co-founded A. Smith & Co. with Kent Weed. “(We realized) we could really help the management side, and we love their ideas on the production side, so why don’t we find a way to work together?” Braverman/Bloom will retain its name while operating as A. Smith’s management division under the deal spearheaded by A. Smith chief operating officer Frank Sinton. Michael Braverman and Barry Bloom will continue to manage a client roster that includes Jesse Ventura (centerpiece of A. Smith’s “Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura”), while also developing crossover opportunities in entertainment, sports and publishing.

“We’re looking at opportunities for growth,” Smith said. “I’ve known Barry and Michael for quite some time and had always had a good friendship with them and collaborated on things before, and we really spent a lot of time with them on the ‘Jesse Ventura’ project.

“There’s a great deal of labor launching something. You get to know people very well, and that’s really what it came out of. (But) you have to be in that (growth) mindset to have that type of conversation.”

Though their focus has been on management, Braverman and Bloom have created and exec produced such shows as CBS reality series “Armed and Famous” and Discovery’s “Project Bigfoot.”