TV producer, ad exec Michel dies

He worked on CBS soap 'Edge of Night'

Longtime TV producer Werner Michel, who worked on such Eye shows as “Edge of Night,” died Aug. 27 in New York. He was 100.

Michel worked mostly with CBS but also with various advertising agencies that sponsored TV shows during the 1950s .

Born in Germany, he and his family immigrated to the U.S. just before the outbreak of World War II. Due to his fluency in three languages he got a job with Voice of America, becoming director a year later.

In 1938 and ’39 he wrote and composed music for two Broadway revues “From Vienna” and “Reunion in New York.”

His first smallscreen assignment came with DuMont TV, where he produced “Captain Video” from 1948-51. He launched CBS soap “The Edge of Night” through Benton & Bowles Advertising in 1951. From there he segued to the news division, working at “CBS Evening News” with Walter Cronkite.

Jumping to the ad biz, he did a stint with agency Reach, McClinton and SSC&B, where he supervised the “Lucy Show” for Lever Bros., Michel retired only to be tapped by Fred Silverman as a consultant for ABC. After the Alphabet gig he joined MGM, where he produced “Fame” and “CHiPS.”

Michel retired in 1998 from ad agency Bozell.

Michel is survived by his wife of 41 years, Rosemary.