It’s round three for ABC’s “FlashForward,” which has found its new showrunners. Jessika Borsiczky, Lisa Zwerling and Tim Lea have been named showrunners (Borsiczky had already been one) on the thriller, currently in production on its 17th and 18th episodes.

ABC has also reduced its order on the series, from 23 episodes back down to 22. That’s a reversal from October, when the Alphabet upped its count to 25. Show’s number was later reduced to 24, then 23.

Borsiczky, Zwerling and Lea replace David Goyer, who exited as showrunner last week (but remains an exec producer). Goyer co-created “FlashForward” with Brannon Braga, and assumed the showrunner role after original showrunner Mark Guggenheim exited in the fall. Frequent showrunner shifts come as a show’s creative focus continues to be tweaked.

Based on the 1999 novel “FlashForward” by Robert J. Sawyer, show stars Joseph Fiennes as an FBI agent trying to figure out what caused the entire world to black out — and see visions of the future — for two minutes and 17 seconds.

Goyer, who directed the pilot, exec produces with Braga and Borsiczky — and now Zwerling and Lea as well. Borsiczky, a former TV exec, also produced the feature “The Unborn.” Zwerling’s credits include John Wells entries “ER” and “Presidio Med.” And Lea worked on “Past Life” and “CSI: NY.” Show returns on March 18.