Purcell promoted at ‘Colbert Report’

New exec producer will take overarching view of show

There’s a new general in “The Colbert Report” war room.

Longtime “Colbert” scribe Tom Purcell has been upped to exec producer of the Comedy Central series. The show had been without a dedicated showrunner for the past few months, since Allison Silverman ankled her post in September. Colbert and exec producer Jon Stewart had been steering the ship since then.

At the show since its launch in 2005, Purcell moves up from the co-exec producer ranks.

“What’s different is I’ll take a more global view of the show,” Purcell said about his responsibilities following the promotion. “My previous position required me to be in the moment as far as what would go on today, to the exclusion of everything else. Now I have to pick my head up and see what’s happening in all aspects of production and be more forward thinking.”

Purcell, a former sketch comedy performer, doesn’t expect any major changes in the format of the show and will continue to work closely with Colbert in shaping the comedy segments.

Colbert recently made headlines by supporting the U.S. speed skating team that just returned from the Vancouver Olympics.

Colbert said: “Tom Purcell is a boundless source of energy, intellect and comedy. I look forward to many years of draining his vitality.”

“The Colbert Report” is produced by Stewart’s Busboy Prods. in association with Colbert’s Spartina Prods.