“You don’t make a movie like this unless you can make it really well,” “Temple Grandin” exec producer Emily Gerson Saines said before biopic’s Tuesday preem in New York.

HBO film, about an autistic woman (Temple Grandin) who creates a behavioral tool that revolutionizes the cattle industry, took 10 years to make.

“I arrived at the project less with my entertainment business hat and more with my autism advocacy hat,” said Gerson Saines, who has an autistic child. “So if I got this wrong, I would have a community that would be very upset with me.”

The exec producer, along with fellow producer Anthony Edwards, helmer Mick Jackson, pic’s star Claire Danes and Temple herself screened the pic at Time Warner Center before heading over to A Voce for dinner.

When Danes got involved with the project, she knew she needed to meet her real-life counterpart, so she spent an afternoon with her.

“I couldn’t fudge it and approximate who she was,” Danes said.