Who: Suzan Bymel is a founding partner of the talent management company Management 360. She currently manages a client list that includes Anne Hathaway, Keifer Sutherland, Michelle Pfieffer, Josh Hartnett, Jessica Biel, Dan Fogler and Jordana Brewster. She was profiled in last year’s Variety Women’s Impact Report with 360 partner Evelyn O’Neill.

What: Bymel sits on the advisory board of the Global Creative Forum. According to Bymel, “GCF was created to mobilize the entertainment industry to focus on and take responsibility for the role it can play in addressing the critical issues we are facing today around the globe. As part of those efforts, GCF is working in tandem with all of the United Nations agencies to support the millennium development goals.”

Why: “GCF affords me the opportunity to have an impact on many of the issues that I care about, from global poverty to epidemic disease, environmental sustainability and gender equality. Our creative community has a staggering amount of resources, and it’s exciting to think about all the ways we can use our talents to work towards creating a better world.”

What’s next: The next forum, which will focus on environmental stability, energy and climate change, is scheduled for February. It will bring together the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, key members of the U.N, experts in this field and members of the entertainment community. “As we come to identify and understand the challenges the world faces,” says Bymel, “we can begin to take responsibility for helping to create change.”