Sue Kroll’s job as president of worldwide marketing for Warner Bros. is all-consuming, but you won’t hear her complain about the lack of balance in her life.

“For me, it’s really 24/7, so it’s a good thing that I do love everything about it,” she says. “With all the clutter in the market, you have to be very clear, fresh and strong — almost a ‘take-no-prisoners’ approach. So I never stop working on a film, right up to the day it opens.”

Kroll’s been a key exec in Warners finishing consistently at or near the top with established franchises (“Harry Potter” and “The Dark Knight”), surprise hits like “The Hangover” and “Clash of the Titans” and the hard-to-explain but massively successful “Inception,” which had to be deftly marketed as a film that was both enormously complicated but thoroughly engaging.

And there’s no cookie-cutter approach, either.

“In marketing, every film’s different, and you sort of start with a big messy puzzle and wind up with order,” Kroll says, “which is what gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

The constant meetings and planning may sound like a grind, but Kroll reminds herself every day of the need for humor and fun.

She’s particularly enthused about Ben Affleck’s “The Town,” noting that the gritty heist genre is her favorite type of film. Kroll admits that she’s constantly trying to figure out how to handle the studio’s 2011 and 2012 schedules, already mulling the nuances of the campaign for “The Green Lantern,” based on the DC comicbook. “A film like that is so important to us in that we’re trying to start a franchise, so you can’t be cavalier about it,” she says.