Host Alec Baldwin kicked off Saturday’s PETA gala at the Palladium by reminding the audience how far animal-rights awareness has come. “Did you know that nine out of 10 of the ‘Real Housewives’ have stopped wearing fur?” he asked. Also, “Thirty years ago, people thought a vegan was someone from Las Vegas.”

Baldwin, while awarding the Nanci Alexander kudo for activism, asked PETA topper Ingrid Newkirk, “What do I have to do to get an award named after me? Take my clothes off?” So the thesp dropped his pants in the name of animal rights.

Accepting her kudo, Anjelica Huston shared some thoughts on the similarities between man and primate. Where humans speak, monkeys use non-verbal communication of grunts and gestures. “Like the cast of the ‘Jersey Shore,'” said the actress. “(Primates) use sex to prevent or resolve conflict. So if you ask me, we have a lot to learn from them.”