The pillow talk for married showrunners Shana Goldberg-Meehan and Scott Silveri ought to be interesting in the coming months.

Silveri just landed a comedy on NBC about three couples searching for the perfect relationship. Goldberg-Meehan just landed a comedy on ABC about three very different couples within the same family.

The realization that they were treading the same rom-com ground crept up on them slowly. Goldberg-Meehan’s pilot, “Better Together,” started off with a focus on two very different sisters, while Silveri’s “Perfect Couples,” co-written and exec produced with Jon Pollack, came together quickly late last year.

The fact that both pilots got series greenlights only adds to the couple’s “embarrassment of riches,” Silveri notes, as the two are also awaiting the birth of their second child next month.

Silveri and Goldberg-Meehan worked together for years as writing partners on “Mad About You,” “Friends” and “Joey.” Now that they’re fielding separate projects, they were amused to discover that they were going after many of the same actors and the same staff writers.

The real struggle may come when “we’re fighting over our friends’ anecdotes,” Goldberg-Meehan says. Silveri jokes: “If you have dinner with us and your story doesn’t come up in one of our shows, you’ve got to be really boring.”