Lisa Gregorian: Gives ‘Bang’ its pow

Women's Impact Report: TV Titans

With nearly 50 shows on the Warner Bros. Television roster, Lisa Gregorian can have a hard time picking and choosing which programs to show the most PR love. Clearly, however, there’s never a shortage to choose from.

Like a good studio soldier, Gregorian — promoted in May to chief marketing officer and named co-chair of the board of directors of PromaxBDA — uses every resource necessary to get the word out, but none is more important than Comic-Con. This year’s San Diego confab housed a record 14 WB skeins, all of which found exposure in front of hundreds of thousands eyeballs that, ultimately, can be translated into ratings.

CW hit “The Vampire Diaries” is a Comic-Con success story, as is CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory,” and this year the WBTV team, under Gregorian’s supervision, got the word out on “Nikita” and its star, Maggie Q. Show got off to a solid start on the CW and could be a longtime player.

Gregorian says seeing a show build awareness remains the most gratifying part of the job.

“We love seeing how a show comes into the marketplace,” she explains. “That’s our joy.”

Much of Gregorian’s job is to try to figure how to stay in synch with the network, and while the net plays a much larger role in luring viewers, her expertise falls in making sure seasons two and beyond aren’t taken for granted. Especially when a show such as “Big Bang” is making a timeslot switch from Monday to Thursday, or a cable reality show isn’t getting the headlines Gregorian thinks it deserves.

“The way the studios and networks work is a very collaborative process,” she says. “The nets are marketing directly to the consumer. Together we try and pool together the best possible experience for the viewers.”

Social media is taking an increasingly important role as well.

“We’re targeting young people and have to nurture those communities,” she says. “We are of the mind that we need to deliver great shows. That’s what we do.”