Not even healthcare reform could save Fox’s “‘Til Death” and ABC’s “Scrubs.”

Both shows have been on life support for some time, and both series’ stars made it clear Tuesday that the plug has been pulled.

Fox confirmed that “‘Til Death” will finally be put out of its misery after four seasons. The ratings were never in “‘Til Death’s” favor, but the economics were. Fox gave the show a 22-episode order in January 2009 after Sony Pictures TV gave the network a break on the license fee — a deal Fox couldn’t refuse.

But the show aired sporadically, and finally settled into a low-profile Sunday 7 p.m. slot in winter. “‘Til Death” also underwent a major creative change this year, the third overhaul in its short life.

As for “Scrubs,” ABC still isn’t confirming the show’s official end, but star Zach Braff, who only appeared in a handful of this year’s revamped version, wrote online that it’s all over.

Original “Scrubs” really ended its run last season, when it moved to ABC after seven seasons on NBC. The semi-spinoff, which focused on a new crop of medical interns, never took off with fans.

“It was worth a try, but alas … it didn’t work,” Braff wrote on Facebook.