Recently axed KCBS morning anchor Suzanne Rico isn’t going quietly.

In an open letter to viewers, Rico said she was let go by the station’s new management after she asked to be reassigned off mornings.

“I knew that such a request might opt me right out of a job, and indeed, I did end up catching the axe as it made its first wide swing through the CBS2 newsroom on Friday, March 19,” Rico said. “I went from news anchor to news nobody in the three minutes.”

Rico said she had grown frustrated over her role as a news anchor and the direction of the station under its previous management (which most recently meant now-exited news director Nancy Bauer Gonzales and station prexy/GM Patrick McClenahan).

“The worst thing about my job is that I don’t feel valued at CBS and haven’t for many years,” Rico said in an email to her agent.

Rico said she hoped her agent would convey her frustrations to new KCBS news director Scott Diener, but it’s unclear if he received that message.Diener and new KCBS/KCAL prexy/GM Steve Maudlin recently evaluated the news team and decided to make some changes in several positions — leading to Rico’s exit. The station plans to re-fill most of those jobs.

“While we don’t agree with Suzanne’s interpretation of the events that led to her departure, we do appreciate her contributions and wish her the best in her future endeavors,” KCBS management said in a statement.

Rico, who sent her email while spending time in Mexico, said she wasn’t sure if she would return to TV news.