‘Doc McStuffins’ set for Disney

New kids series will accentuate good health

Disney Junior has begun production on “Doc McStuffins,” a new series about a 6-year-old girl who communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys.

Show, from creator and exec producer Chris Nee, will accentuate the importance of healthy living and taking care of oneself and others. Produced by Brown Bag Films, “Doc McStuffins” will premiere in 2011 on soon-to-be-branded Disney Junior blocks on the Disney Channel. “Rugrats” vet Norton Virgien will direct.

“Helping their kids live a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for parents,” said Nancy Kanter, senior VP of Disney Playhouse Worldwide. “?’Doc McStuffins’ combines every kid’s dream of their toys coming to life with valuable lessons about health and wellness.”