Betty White: Getting a second chance

Women's Impact Report: Funny Ladies

It started with a chance Snicker’s ad that wound up airing in the highest-profile slot of the year: the first spot of Super Bowl XLIV.

“And things haven’t slowed down for me ever since,” says Betty White, who managed to upstage the New Orleans Saints with her hilarious turn as a cranky granny who morphs into a young man ready to hit the gridiron after noshing on the candy bar. “Now, you can’t get rid of me.”

Not that anyone seems to want the lovable octogenarian to go away, even as she becomes as ubiquitous as Snookie or a Kardashian. “I’m amazed,” gushes the 88-year-old actress of her recent run, which includes “Saturday Night Live” hosting duties, an Emmy trophy and a new TV Land sitcom, “Hot in Cleveland.” “I’m literally staring at the sun wide-eyed.”

The former “Golden Girls” star credits fans for her improbable resurgence. Following her scene-stealing role in last year’s hit romantic comedy “The Proposal,” White devotees launched a successful Facebook campaign that called for her to host “SNL.” The result was the skein’s best ratings in 18 months.

In an industry where youth frequently trumps experience — especially for actresses — White continues to buck the trend, fielding more quality offers than she can possibly wedge into her packed schedule while watching her quote soar.

And please don’t call White’s white-hot moment a comeback. “I never went away,” she quips.