Near the end of a cataclysmic showcase performance at the Viper Room on Tuesday, England’s Jim Jones Revue launched into a version of one of their U.K. singles, “Elemental.” The title said it all about their sound: As they did at their shows at South By Southwest in Austin this year, the five-piece group threw down the goods, simple, smokin’, and directly in the crowd’s face.

Already a buzzin’ act in Blighty, the quintet is in the hunt for a stateside label, and is in the midst of a barnstorming American club hop that ends — appropriately, given the American roots of their music — at Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans this weekend. They have a singles compilation, the aptly titled “Here to Save Your Soul,” and a self-titled 2008 debut album to their credit; their second full-length “Burning Your House Down” was just released overseas.