“Bad Romance,” You-Tube’s latest music video sensation, features pop culture and music phenom Lady Gaga contributing to a product placement first.

Propaganda Gem — an international product placement company with offices in Los Angeles, London, Geneva, Moscow and Asia — is overjoyed with the 73 million-and-counting hits the risque five-minute clip has scored.

The company placed Ukrainian vodka Nemiroff in the video, the first time an Eastern European product has been featured in a global video. In the clip, the pyramid-shaped bottled and logo of one of Ukraine’s premium vodkas are on prominent display as a scantily clad Lady Gaga and other assorted performers in various stages of undress dance, crawl and prance though eye-catching visuals to the catchy pop hit.

Ruben Igielko-Herrlich, Propaganda Gem’s CEO and founding partner, tells Variety: “Music is a very powerful emotional trigger — entertainment marketing could just as easily be called emotional marketing — which we believe is a critical factor in the perception and adoption of brands and products by potential customers.”