Elektra Records responded to an enviable Q4 dilemma today, by moving the release date of Cee Lo Green’s “The Lady Killer” LP up four weeks to Nov. 9. Record boasts the former Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley frontman’s impossibly catchy single, “F**k You!” (as the label’s preferred nomenclature would have it), which all but brought the internet to a grinding halt when it was previewed in a YouTube clip on Aug. 17.

The song’s immediate success (it racked up over 2 million plays in its first five days online) left Elektra in a delicate position: They had a smash on their hands — and one attained with nearly zero marketing expenses — but no actual physical product to release. Pirated mp3s appeared nearly instantaneously, as did a 50 Cent remix, and a digital download release of the single was quickly pushed along. Song currently holds the No. 1 spot on the Dutch pop charts, oddly enough. 

Radio play should prove another tricky barrier, conidering the 28 incidents of profanity (by this reporter’s count) present in the 3:44-minute song. An edited version, titled “Forget You,” is on its way, and seems likely to rival “The Big Lebowski’s” infamous “find a stranger in the Alps” for off-putting bowdlerization.


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