Grammer_andy This is a brilliant concept – not only are you able to choose how this video turns out via a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-style format, chances are, for those who dig the track, they will listen to it again (and again) to see what other outcomes exist.

Not to mention, who actually watches a video the whole way through online? Well, I watched this one in its entirety just out of curiosity to see what would happen next. Great exposure for a new artist – even better opportunity for product placement.

As the vid progresses, you’ll see two options pop up occasionally, click whichever you like – and it alters how the story moves along. (You can choose from hundreds of potential scenes and outcomes. One of the options even features ‘Office’ star Rainn Wilson.)

Song from the S-Curve recording artist Andy Grammer is currently up in iTunes. Oh, and by the way, nice track – and very cool venture from Vevo. Vid below may take a few seconds to load – check it out:

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