From: Rachel Rogers rachel@atomicpr.com>

To: Cochrane, Brian J (RBI-US)

Sent: Mon Feb 08 21:56:59 2010

Subject: Campaign announced to Save the Hollywood Sign’s Land

Hi Brian,

With all of the excitement and conjecture happening around Trust for Public Land’s media stunt with Hollywood Sign, we have decided to lift our embargo of February 11th. You are now free to report on The Trust for Public Land’s (www.tpl.org) International Campaign to “Save Cahuenga Peak,” the 138-acre parcel of land directly adjacent to the Hollywood Sign – from real estate developers who plan, this year, to erect multiple estates there that will forever ruin the viewshed of our beloved Hollywood Sign.

To kick off the campaign, The Trust for Public Land will be covering the Hollywood Sign with “Save the Peak” lettering and will begin covering the Sign tomorrow. The covered Sign will be revealed in its entirety on February 11th and will remain there through the 16th. (We will have photos and b-roll available to you that capture the covering of the Sign and the final result. We can also grant camera crews to go up to the Sign while it is being covered to get the necessary shots.)

A press release further describing this news is pasted below.

Should you have any questions at all or should you want interviews with any of the players, including celebrities involved, please feel free to contact me.


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