Josefina Scaglione departs the Broadway revival of “West Side Story” next month, to be replaced by unknown Sarah Amengual.

Argentine actress Scaglione, who was nommed for a Tony for her perf as Maria, has stuck with the musical since the show began perfs in February 2009. Like Amengual, she was a new name to Broadway when she landed the gig.

Weekly sales for “West Side Story” consistently topped the $1 million mark for a large portion of the show’s run so far, although this summer B.O. has tended to hover below $800,000. The production, which recouped its $14 million capitalization costs in about 30 weeks, has grossed close to $80 million overall during its Main Stem run, and a national tour is currently on the road.

Amengual, who recently graduated from the U. of Miami, takes over for Scaglione Sept. 21. She’ll appear opposite Matthew Hydzik, the current Tony.