The 2010-11 season at the Denver Center Theater Company includes world preems by Michele Lowe and Ken Weitzman.

Lowe’s work is regularly produced in the regionals, with two plays from 2009, “Inana” and “Victoria Musica,” nommed for the American Theater Critics Association’s annual new play kudo. Her latest, “Map of Heaven” (Jan. 14-Feb. 26) follows an up-and-coming painter whose husband makes a disruptive decision.

Weitzman’s “The Catch” (Jan. 21-Feb. 26, in another DCTC venue) centers on a recession victim who hopes to make his fortune by catching a star baseball player’s ball.

Both plays were seen last month as part of readings in DCTC’s 2010 Colorado New Play Summit, which also presented Caridad Svich’s adaptation of Isabel Allende novel “The House of the Spirits” (Sept. 17-Oct. 23), also now getting a full production in Denver.

Additional season offerings include productions of “Ruined,” “Superior Donuts” and “The 39 Steps,” among others.