Low-budget drama from debuting Czech helmer Jaroslav Fuit marks him as a talent to watch.

When a twentysomething Czech couple’s “Twosome” accidently becomes a threesome during a rocky road trip to Scandinavia, their longstanding relationship problems come to a head. Although it suffers from a surfeit of shakycam, this naturalistic, emotionally truthful, convincingly performed low-budget drama from debuting Czech helmer Jaroslav Fuit marks him as a talent to watch. Fests and broadcasters should take note.

Lively Veronika (Kristyna Fuitova-Novakova) and whining stick-in-the-mud Michal (Jakub Wagner) have been together for five years, and relationship fatigue is seriously setting in, at least on her part. When Michal’s surprise of a trip to Sweden goes all wrong, the couple wind up in Copenhagen, where they connect with the mysterious Simon (David Maj), a streetwise Czech traveler out for fun and adventure. After Simon persuades the pair to visit his friend’s cottage in the Danish countryside, the stage is set for an emotionally charged showdown. Viktor Smutny’s raw, handheld camerawork suits the content, upping the authenticity by lending a homemovie feel to the proceedings. Pic’s classical three-act structure is made fluid by Michal Hyka’s deft editing and the ironic counterpoint of Tadeas Vercak’s lightly used score.


Czech Republic

  • Production: A Palace Pictures release of an HBO, Green Way production with the support of the Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography. (International sales: Film Europe, Prague.) Produced by Lenka Cintalanova, Jaroslav Fuit, Ondrej Zach. Directed by Jaroslav Fuit. Screenplay, Richard Malatinksy, Fuit.
  • Crew: Camera (color), Viktor Smutny; editor, Michal Hyka; music, Tadeas Vercak. Reviewed at Berlin Film Festival (market), Feb. 16, 2010. Original title: Dvojka. Czech, Danish, English dailogue. Running time: 89 MIN.
  • With: Kristyna Fuitova-Novakova, Jakub Wagner, David Maj.
  • Music By: