Station of the Forgotten

A young man's stumbling journey toward redemption and an old man's fumbling quest for his past cross paths.

A young man’s stumbling journey toward redemption and an old man’s fumbling quest for his past cross paths in the erratic Catalan domestic-turned-road movie “Station of the Forgotten.” Third pic for “Diary of a Sex Addict” director Christian Molina and first for co-director Sandra Serna is, like its characters, all over the map, with a tone lurching from dramatic to comic to sentimental. A letdown for those expecting big things from Molina, the undistinguished project will do reasonably well locally with props from co-producing Catalan TV3, but will only be seen abroad at fests.

Responsible for the vehicular death of a monocle-wearing dude who lectures on confronting one’s fears, Pau (Nilo Mur) does community service at an old folks’ home, where Alzheimer’s-afflicted Domingo (Fermi Reixach) has been housed by his son, Domingo Jr. (Francesc Garrido), and the son’s wife, Gabi (Belen Fabra). Domingo is as miserable here as he was back home, where his only affection was for granddaughter Clara (Katia Klein), who despises mom-in-law Gabi. Domingo flees the rest home for a roadie back to his former fishing village, and Pau and Clara set out to track him down.

Station of the Forgotten


  • Production: A Canonigo Films presentation of a Ferran Monje/Marivi de Villanueva production in association with Catalan TV 3. Produced by Ferran Monje. Executive producer, Marivi de Villanueva. Directed by Christian Molina, Sandra Serna. Screenplay, Manolo Guerrero, Salvador More, Molina.
  • Crew: Camera (color), Javier Salmones; editor, Jordi Lopez; music, Ix!; production designer, Pere Carreras. Reviewed on DVD, Los Angeles, March 28, 2010. (In Method Fest; 2009 Cairo Film Festival.) Original title: Estacio de l'oblit. Catalan dialogue. Running time: 86 MIN.
  • With: With: Fermi Reixach, Nilo Mur, Katia Klein, Francesc Garrido, Belen Fabra, Teresa Manresa, Jordi Sanchez, Andreu Castro.
  • Music By: