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Just Between Us

A cloying ode to adultery and forgiveness, film plays like a low-budget Croatian take on "It's Complicated."

A cloying ode to adultery and forgiveness, vet helmer Rakjo Grlic’s “Just Between Us” plays like a low-budget Croatian take on “It’s Complicated.” Overreliant on the hangdog charms of star Miki Manojlovic (these days more convincing as a sly grandpa than as an irresistible rogue), this blithe bedroom farce reps content-light entertainment for those who enjoy plenty of sexual shenanigans, no matter how chemistry-free. After modest biz in its co-producing countries, pic will be lucky to find further fest and ancillary action.

Wealthy horndog Nikola (Manojlovic) is hitched to Anamarija (Daria Lorenci), the former g.f. of his philandering brother Braco (Bojan Navojec), but carrying on with pharmacist Latica (Natasa Dorcic) and hopping into the sack with any sweet young thing amenable to his vulgar come-ons. Meanwhile, resentful Braco has married Nikola’s childhood sweetie, Marta (Ksenija Marinkovic). Since their child was actually fathered by Nikola, Braco feels no qualms about secretly supplying sperm for Anamarija, who’s trying to conceive through in vitro fertilization. With male partners who are more sad losers than lovable scamps, the women struggle to maintain dignity as they let bygones by bygones. Tech package is nothing special.

Just Between Us


  • Production: A Mainframe/NP7/Yodi Film/Studio Maj production with support from Minister of Culture Croatia, Croatian Radiotelevision, Minister of Culture Republic of Serbia, Filmski Skad Slovenian Republic, Eurimages. (International sales: Wide Management, Paris.) Produced by Igor A. Nola. Co-producers, Rajko Grlic, Vanja Sutlic, Milko Josifov, Dunja Klemenc, Zoran Cvijanovic. Directed by Rajko Grlic. Screenplay, Grlic, Ante Tomic.
  • Crew: Camera (color) Slobodan Trninic; editor, Andrija Zafranovic; music, Alan Bjelinski, Alfi Kabiljo; art director, Ivo Husnjak; costume designer, Blanka Budac. Reviewed at Karlovy Vary Film Festival (competing), July 8, 2010. Running time: 89 MIN.
  • With: With: Miki Manojlovic, Bojan Navojec, Natasa Dorcic, Daria Lorenci, Ksenija Marinkovic. (Serbian, Croatian dialogue)
  • Music By: