After 35 years of shorts and behind-the-scenes work, Rogerio Correa makes a modest but effective feature writing-directing debut with “Dismissed.” Murilo Rosa’s sympathetic and comparatively understated lead perf highlights this simple tale of a working-class Sao Paolo man’s freefall after losing his job. Pic figures to draw fest play and offshore tube sales in Spanish-language markets.

Oton has toiled 20 years — his entire adult life — at a metal-parts factory. Wife Camila (Gabriela Flores), pregnant with their second child, grouses about his lack of ambition. But both soon have a lot more to complain about when bottom-line-focused new management lays him off. Opportunities are few in a depressed economy; Oton’s straits worsen when one former co-worker seems to usurp his place as husband and father. Another resorts to desperate measures after his own firing. Rosa carries the competently assembled pic as a likable protagonist struggling against the odds to maintain hold of both his family and his dignity.



  • Production: An Anicine presentation of a Leao Filmes and Cinegrama Filmes production. (International sales: Leao, Sao Paulo.) Produced by Rogerio Correa. Executive producer, Jorge Guedes. Directed by Rogerio Correa. Screenplay, Di Moretti.
  • Crew: Camera (color, Super 16-to-HD), Helcio Alemao Nagamine; editor, Ide Lacreta; music, Pipo Pegoraro; production designer, Fernando Zuccolatte. Reviewed at Montreal World Film Festival (competing), Sept. 3, 2010. Running time: 99 MIN.
  • With: With: Murilo Rosa, Gabriela Flores, Leandro Firmino da Hora, Pascoal de Conceicao, Eric Lenate, Nelson Baskerville.
  • Music By: