The Writers Guild of America East is moving its office south from its longtime uptown Manhattan location to downtown near Tribeca at the end of June.

WGA East president Michael Winship and exec director Lowell Peterson unveiled the move to 250 Hudson on Thursday in a letter to the 4,000 members.

“First, our lease at 555 West 57th was up for renewal, and with the real estate market being what it is, this seemed the perfect time for a change,” the duo said. “Commercial rents have dropped and incentives are being offered to new tenants. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity, securing a 15-year lease for better space at a cost far below what it would have been just a few years ago.”

Winship and Peterson said the new space, containing a rooftop deck and a writers room, will be able to host more events along with helping the six-person organizing staff work more effectively.