‘Wolfman’ at the door

W hotel makes its debut as after-party venue

It was a debut as much as a premiere Tuesday when “The Wolfman” preemed at the Arclight with an after-party at the new W hotel.

This was the first time the W at the corner of Hollywood and Vine has hosted a premiere party and it adds another option for using the Arclight. This could prove important: The theater might be seeing lots more use if reports about both the Chinese and the Village being for sale prove true.

At the party, producer Scott Stuber called the pic “a love letter to Carl Laemmle and the original Universal monster films.”

Topper Adam Fogelson said it was a “psychological horror film” while co-topper Donna Langley said, “the goal was to remain true to the classic roots of the original but contemporize it enough to where it would appeal to a modern audience.”

Director Joe Johnston noted that the pic wasn’t easy to get made, but “dammit we picked up the flag and ran over the hill. Some of us didn’t make it, but that’s the curse of the Wolfman.”