What’s next for ‘Eat Pray’ goers?

Celebrants ponder future at Sony after-party

Eat Pray Love” — all three were uniformly trumpeted as the foundation to a happy and balanced life during Tuesday’s premiere of the Columbia Pictures film at the Ziegfeld Theater. Left unclear was what came next on everyone’s list.

Billy Crudup, who plays Julia Roberts’ ex-husband, was the first to take a shot at it.

“Courage,” he said, but just seconds later he changed his mind. “Crap, I don’t know. I was going to say laundry before. Golf?”

Finally, stumped, he said he’d think about it.

His director, Ryan Murphy, had no such problems choosing a mantra.

“Ambition. Eat, pray, love, ambition,” Murphy said.

Then, maybe after enjoying too much of the spread during the after-party at the Metropolitan Club, Murphy chose a new word, “digest.”

He explained, “It can mean so many things.”

The original “Gleek” likely settled on that word months ago, when he was filming in Rome — his favorite stop on the film’s world tour. “I got to eat and drink red wine every night,” Murphy recalled.

Now that the helmer and his cast get to travel all over the world again to promote the movie, it got some of them thinking about their next trip together.

“We should all book a gay cruise,” Murphy suggested.

That might be appealing to Crudup, who hinted he might want to take a trip with one of his co-stars.

“Well, Javier Bardem is positively dreamy,” he joked.

However, like before, Crudup changed his mind immediately.

“I’d have to go with that dude right there,” he said, pointing to another of his co-stars, Richard Jenkins.

The one thing Crudup could settle on was a destination — Glacier National Park. Which is not quite the cruise Murphy had in mind.