Warner Bros. has slotted Vincenzo Natali’s “Splice” for a June 4 release, following its acquisition by Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment.

“Splice” will launch against a trio of wide openers — Lionsgate’s actioner “Killers,” Uni’s Russell Brand comedy “Get Him to the Greek” and Fox’s family comedy “Marmaduke.”

Warner-based Silver bought “Splice” several weeks after it had screened at Sundance. Pic, which Natali worked on for a decade, stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley in a story of two ambitious young biologists who risk their lives by splicing together DNA from different animals to create hybrids.

Pic was produced under the banner of Copperheart Entertainment/Gaumont. Steven Hoban of Copperheart produced. Exec producers include Sidonie Dumas and Christophe Riandee of Gaumont, Guillermo del Toro, Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Yves Chevalier.

Natali directed from a screenplay he co-wrote with Antoinette Terry Bryant and Doug Taylor.

“The film really has a never-seen-before quality,” Silver noted.

Dark Castle’s a producer on “The Losers,” opening April 23, and is in production on “Unknown White Male” and “Apparition.”